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Jamie Sleigh

Jamie Sleigh is Professor of Anaesthesiology at the Waikato Clinical Campus, of the University of Auckland, Hamilton, New Zealand. He grew up in Zimbabwe, and specialised in anaesthesia in the United Kingdom, before moving to New Zealand in 1988.  He has practiced in both intensive care medicine and anaesthesia. He has been active in research for more than 30 years, has published over 300 papers on a wide range of topics, and has an h-index of 52. His current research interests include: the practical use of EEG in anaesthesia and consciousness; EEG signal processing; the genetic basis for anaesthesia resistance; modelling of brain dynamics in anaesthesia; and the use of ketamine ester analogues for perioperative sedation and analgesia.

Conflicts of Interest

He is named on patents for an ester analogue of ketamine.

Jamie Sleigh: TeamMember
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